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الشرح والتمارين

الشرح والتمارين

http://www.locuta.com/classroom.html - a huge collection of grammar topics
http://www.geocities.com/f_pollett/i-ind.htm - Teach Yourself Italian, excellent grammar website with exercises
http://www.gwc.org.uk/ModernLang/hot...mmarIndex.html - a succinct overview
http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfareindex01.htm - a well structured overview

http://www.mauriziopistone.it/testi/linguaitaliana.html - controversial grammar questions (copy it into your browser if it is not clickable, PM me if it does not help)

http://www.chass.utoronto.ca/%7Engar...bi/ripavan.htm - a useful exercise on congiuntivo (but some sentences do not sound natural to Italian natives)
http://www.gwc.org.uk/ModernLang/hot...mmarIndex.html - basic grammar with exercises (and answers)
http://www.ielanguages.com/italian.html - beginner to intermediate grammar

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