sabato, novembre 28, 2009

Piccole labbra

Titles from this Rare film

Historia de Eva (Spain)
Little Lips
Little Lips - Der zärtliche

Tod (West Germany)

Pienet huulet (Finland)

Directors: Mimmo Cattarinich

Year: 1978

Country: Italy / Spain

Runtime: 86 minutes

Genre: Drama


A writer returns home from World War I.

He has developed a very bad

case of post traumatic stress disorder.

His genitalia was also blown away during the war.

He contemplates suicide, but becomes interested

in the 12 year old niece

of the innkeeper at the place

where he is recuperating.

He doesn't seem to mind that

he is spending so much time with her.

He becomes deeply infatuated with her,

but can't physically consummate

any kind of relationship with her

. She brightens his day,

but her sexuality is just

beginning to bud.

When she begins to prefer a male

closer to her age than the writer,

the finality of the plot is set




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