martedì, maggio 20, 2008

La Vita E’ Bella

1. La Vita E’ Bella (Advanced)

Learn Italian with Learn Italian Pod! The new, fun,

and exciting way to learn “Advanced Level Italian” is finally here!

Each advanced level lesson includes a short original lecture,

grammar rule with examples, and some idiomatic expressions

and vocabulary with definitions. Jane & Massimo speak almost only Italian on this series.

But what’s really exciting is that each episode is based upon an Italian movie -

so you’ll get the chance to improve your Italian

while discovering what Italian culture is all about!

And, if you are a LearnItalianPod VIP subscriber,

you will love the way you can get

the most out of these lessons when logging in to the Learning Center. Siete pronti? - Cominciamo!

Advanced Level - Lesson Nr.


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