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Amici Miei (1978) (Italian)

Amici Miei (1978) (Italian)

Italian language - English subtitles

Xvid AVI DVDRIP - Video: 1024 kbps 720x576 4:3 25 f/s PAL - Audio: 96 kbps AC6

This is a comedy with some of the most famous Italian actors such as Ugo Tognazzi.
It's not a "academy award" kind of movie, as a matter of facts the comicality is all in the core of Italian butch-a-little-vulgar sense of humor.

It's the story of 4 friends, companions since school time. Their friendship progressed through military service, marriage, and life.
Now they are middle age and with a little nostalgia for the time they were young decide to embark in another crazy adventure they called "zingarata" which means to leave without a destination and improvise every kind of crazy joke, to others, among them, with no respect whatsoever for any authority of any kind.
On their way to start this latest "zingarata" they pass to pick up another friend, lately acquired by the group during a previous zingarata which did not end too well...
The story is told by the newspaper editor Perozzi. He will be our narrator through the story, explaining and revealing previous facts.
So, on the background on the present zingarata, thanks to Perozzi we will relive other comics events in the past of the 5 friends.
I am not sure the comedy will "survive" a translation in English, for those who understand Italian, enjoy it as its full.

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