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Power Translator Pro 10

Power Translator Pro 10

Type: Full/ Portable

Software that can translate as well as a highly trained (and highly paid) human does not truly exist. Translation software technology is based largely on generative grammar, but the theory is still imperfect--and so is software modeled on it. Like all translation software, PowerTranslator Pro 10 (for English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese) produces comprehensible rough drafts. But if the source language is convoluted or ambiguous, the translation will suffer. In the end, for 100 percent reliable copy, human translators remain your only option.
So what is PowerTranslator Pro good for? Professionals or students who need to understand foreign Web pages, e-mail, or simple documents fast can run them through PowerTranslator Pro to get the gist (and evaluate the necessity of an expensive professional translation)--perfect for multilingual companies and international projects.
Also, if you are a professional or amateur translator, it is an affordable alternative to pricier Trados or Déjà Vu software. True, PowerTranslator Pro lacks their sophisticated functionality, but its dictionary look-up from within Word or WordPerfect is handy, and rough-draft translations save time. It translates in HTML, RTF, and TXT format--or you can type directly into the two-window interface. Add your own terminology as well, so that future projects benefit from your existing work. Its biggest strength: 30 built-in technical dictionaries--you've got lots of otherwise-expensive references rolled into one.
The package also includes OCR software to change hard copies in 50 languages into soft copies you can then translate. Like most OCR software, it never works as well as you hope it will--but it does save time.
Caveats: Language teachers know instantly when software helped produce your essay, so if you're a student, don't bother with this unoriginal stunt. Similarly, if you're a manager, don't issue official memoranda using only the software. In the end, however, PowerTranslator Pro is a strong competitor in translation engines, providing fairly accurate results and meaningful extras--above all at an affordable price.

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