giovedì, settembre 11, 2008

Euroglot Professional v4.5 Multilingual

Euroglot Professional v4.5 Multilingual

34,6 mb
Euroglot is a unique multilanguage translating system, available in the languages Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. The program enables you to make any combination of these languages. With the Euroglot translation dictionaries you can translate quickly you only have to type part of the query word and a mouse-click provides all translations. apposite every translation is given with many synonyms and expressions and in their right context. faultless the selected translation is automatically placed in your word processing program. grammatically correct all conjugations and declensions, plurals, old and new spelling, etc. Euroglot gives the user: all meanings of a word; all possible synonyms; all conjugations and declensions; all spelling versions; all necessary word information; all linguistic characteristics; Euroglot also has the following options: correct pronunciation of words; compile your own user dictionaries; extension specialist dictionaries

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