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8 in 1 English Dictionary-Translations in 12 languages

8 in 1 English Dictionary-Translations in 12 languages

8 in 1 English Dictionary-Translations in 12 languages

8 in 1 English Dictionary will teach you all the English words you will ever need.This dictionary will help you improve your pronunciation, reading comprehension, vocabulary and spelling abilities. It’s many features include:

- Translations in 12 languages Arabic, Chinese (traditional and simplified), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese

- Over 2000 pictures and graphics to help you learn

- Listening to and recording over 7000 words including plurals of the nouns and conjugations of the verbs

- Unique to 8 in 1 English Dictionary - 10 different ways to search for words: Choose from 39 themes (animals, colors, clothing etc.); Practice a sound in the beginning, middle or end of words; Search by alphabet letter or letter combinations; choose only verbs or nouns

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