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Sophia Loren - Greatest Hits

Sophia Loren - Greatest Hits

01. La Donna [Del Fiume Mambo Bacan]
02. Main TitleS’agapo [Boy On A Dolphin]
03. The Cafe [Boy On A Dolphin]
04. Boy On A Dolphin: Love Scene
05. Bing, Bang, Bong [Houseboat]
06. Almost In Your Arms [Houseboat]
07. Main Title [Two Women]
08. Prelude [It Started In Naples]
09. Pizza On The Plazza [It Started In Naples]
10. Tu Vuo’ Fa’ L’americano [It Started In Naples]
11. Tarantella Caprese [It Started In Naples]
12. Carina [It Started In Naples]
13. Finale [It Started In Naples]
14. Love Scene [El Cid]
15. Money Money Money [Boccaccio ‘70]
16. Luna Park [Boccaccio ‘70]
17. Valzerino Della Riffa [Boccaccio ‘70]
18. Finale [Boccaccio ‘70]
19. Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo [The Millionairess]
20. Goodness Gracious Me [The Millionairess]
21. To Keep My Love Alive [The Millionairess]
22. Bangers And Mash [The Millionairess]
23. Main Title [Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Adelina]
24. Forcella [Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Adelina]
25. She Is Pregnant [Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Adelina]
26. Finale [Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Adelina]
27. Che M’e ‘Mparato A Fa [Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Adelina]
28. I Wanna A Guy [Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Adelina]
29. Felicita [Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Adelina]
30. Why Tomorrow [Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Adelina] 


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