giovedì, settembre 11, 2008

Download Our Free Uz-Translations Browser Toolbar

Download Our Free Uz-Translations Browser Toolbar

Now our web site is right at your fingertips no matter where you go on the web!
Our free web browser toolbar installs into your Internet Explorer or Firefox web browser in moments, and gives you fast, convenient access to our language portal and information you need.

Benefits of the Uz-Translations Browser Toolbar

* It's safe. No spyware or hidden software is included. Can easily be uninstalled at any time.
* Built-in web search box. Search Google, dictionaries, or dozens of other directories and search engines!
* Our custom toolbar buttons take you immediately to any section of the website
* Receive real-time updates from the Uz-Translations Portal

Download the free Uz-Translations browser toolbar now!

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