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The Linguist Journal (1966)

The Linguist Journal (1966)

Language: Multilingual

Format: pdf

This is my first post ever - so please be patient and give me some leeway.

I hope you will like this publication of The Lingust journal, a monthly journal published by the Linguist Club from 1939 to 1970. I have the volumes corresponding to years 1959 - 1966, and I will be uploading the 1966 issues.

Each issue begins with a "typical" conversation in seven languages, French, German, Spanish, English, Italian, Russian and Esperanto. This is usually followed by "Pages for Practice" where interesting points of usage are made (in English) on three of the seven conversations. Then there is a "Translator's Commentary" which is really a contest on the best translation of a given text from a previous month, and various other columns, such as "Guest Languages", or "Russian commentary".

Everything is sublime, but the conversations are really the highlight. They are real gems, as you would see once you have read them. I welcome your thoughts and ideas. If anyone reading this lives in England or Scotland, the universities of Oxford and Glasgow have the entire collection.

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