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Teaching Italian

Teaching Italian
Associations of Italian teachers

American Association of Teachers of Italian (AATI)
The American Association of Teachers of Italian Was founded in 1924 to promote the study of Italian language, literature, and culture in schools, colleges and universities in North America. It has approximately 1500 members worldwide. The Association publishes the quarterly journal, Italica, and a twice-yearly Newsletter. It sponsors seminars and workshops in the broad area of Italian studies and holds annual meetings, usually in conjunction with ACTFL but also in Italy. AATI is dedicated to excellence in teaching and research in all areas of Italian studies.

Western Australian Association of Teachers of Italian
50 members. Membership is open to teachers of Italian. Journals and publications includes notices to all members about what other teachers have and will be doing in their teaching areas and information regarding specialised teaching aids available for purchase.

NOIUSA New Organization of Italians
Its mission is to provide Italian-American students and professionals within the ages of 18 and 40 with an opportunity to rediscover their heritage and relate to their culture. Our goal is to connect the future generations of Italians in America with Italy of today. We plan to achieve this goal through language, cuisine, music, art, business and by building a bridge with the other generations of Italians in America.

The Teaching of the Italian Language in American Schools
The teaching of Italian language in the local school system in particular has proved to be a successful experience. Teachers, parents, students realize the potential of a language of culture that is also a resource in trade, business and other areas. In order to meet these expectations the Italian Government provides funds each year for activities dealing with the teaching of Italian language, in school as well as in extra school programs. The funds are disbursed through local non-profit organizations whose mission is to promote Italian language in their region.

Associazione Internazionale dei Professori di Italiano (A.I.P.I.)

Associazione Nazionale Insegnanti Lingue Straniere (A.N.I.L.S.)-Foreign Language Teachers

ILSA (Insegnanti Italiano Lingua Seconda Associati)

Associazione degli Italianisti Italiani (ADI

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