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Italian Slang

Italian Slang
The Italian language certainly has a vibrant, constantly evolving glossary of jargon, colloquial expressions, and slang.

- avere un chiodo fisso in testa exp: to be fixated on something; to have a nail fixed in the head. Tommaso pensa a Maria giorno e notte. Lui ha davvero un chiodo fisso in testa Thomas thinks about Maria day and night. He's truly fixated on her.
- boccalone: a big mouth, a gossip, an enormous mouth.
- due parole: a few words, two words.
- essere nelle nuvole: to daydream, to be in the clouds.
- fare impazzire qualcuno: to drive someone crazy: to make someone crazy.
- fuori di testa exp: to be out of one's mind; to be out of one's head.
- in orario: on time.
- levataccia: very early rising; fare una levataccia: to get up very early.
- mettersi insieme: to start a serious relationship, to tie the knot.
- ora di punta: rush hour.
- quattro gatti: only a few people.
- roba da matti: crazy.
- tappo: a very short guy.
- uggioso/a: boring; an annoying person.
- ultima parola: last word, bottom line.
- valere la pena exp: to be worth the trouble; worth the sorrow or anxiety.
- volente o nolente: like it or not; willing or unwilling

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