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Italian Products

Italian Products
Here we offer you a list of products related to Italian Language provided by third party companies. We are not direct providers of these products, we act as their resellers only. After clicking on a link you'll be redirected to other site where you can complete your sale. We work with reputable companies offering the best language products of the market.
Hand held dictionaries
Ectaco offers some of the best Italian electronic translators, linguistic microcomputers and translations software for pocket PC and Palm. It's a perfect option to cover the communication needs for people traveling abroad. Some products translate many different language pairs. Other have a speech recognition system that allow you to speak a phrase in your language and translate it to the target language. More Italian translators >
Acquerello Italiano Audio Magazine
Each issue of Acquerello italiano comes on an audiocassette or compact disc so that you can work on your Italian while commuting, jogging, walking the dog, or cooking dinner. Just pop the cassette or CD into any standard player and listen as many times as you like! Each hour-long program is packed with interesting news, interviews, music, and features on topics ranging from politics and current affairs to sports, travel, film, and opera--all presented in Italian by native speakers. You also get a magazine containing a word-for-word printed tran****** of the program. Difficult words are highlighted in bold in the text and defined in an extensive (500 entries on average) Italian-English glossary. More

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