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Linguaphone - All Talk - Ultimate Italian Course

Linguaphone - All Talk - Ultimate Italian Course

| Book & audio learning package

| 16 CD | MP3 | 260 MB

The allTalk course is one of our

bestselling language range,

and it's easy to see why.

This is the world's first hands-free

language learning course,

consisting entirely of audio CDs.

Forget your school days when

you had your nose in a book,

writing out verb tables:

this course requires no reading, no writing and

qqwa practically no effort.

It allows you to embrace our enormously

successful and long-proven

language learning technique of 'listen,

understand and speak'. It's also great fun,

allowing you to follow an engaging

storyline through the CDs.

If you're on the go and need to

learn to speak Italian fast,

allTalk is for you.

parte 1


parte 3

parte 4

parte 5

parte 6

parte 7

parte 8

parte 9

parte 10

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