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Andare, dare, fare e stare 9

Translate the given sentences into Italian.
Esempio: I'm going to school. --> Vado alla scuola.

Andare, dare, fare e stare


1 We are writing the written exams tomorrow.

2 She is taking a picture.

3 She is keeping quiet.

4 Are you (sing. inf.) giving lessons?

5 We are doing the exercises.

6 She is going to eat.

7 Are you (sing. fam.) asking a question?

8 Are you (fam. sing.) not well?

9 Are you (fam. pl.) going dancing?

10 Are you (sing. form.) taking the oral exams?

11 I'm making a pie.

12 I am paying attention!

13 I'm taking an exam today.

14 Are you (fam. sing.) going to Italy?

15 We are staying home today.

16 How's the weather?

17 I'm going to Florence.

18 We are walking.

19 They are going to Rome.

20 Many students don't pay attention.

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