sabato, gennaio 31, 2009

global translation

Global Translator translates texts of up to 6.000 words each time. (unlimited times) from and up to 14 languages. It is easy to use to translate particular words at a specific time as well as to translate large texts. Global Translator uses Internet connections process the entered texts. It also uses free resources to optimize your translations and process them at a fast speed. In some seconds, you will understand texts in other languages without having to resort to expert translators. Global Translator can translate in the following languages: English, Chinese, (traditional and simplified), Dutch, French, Greek, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese.

Global Translator open the doors to a globalized world where the need to speak several languages is necessary to work effectively. With Global Translator, you will be able to translate any digital texts from any language into your mother tongue with any typology. Global Translator will save you time apart from the need to use translation books and which meant such a burden to transport when travelling. Now you will have the chance to do it whenever where you have Internet connections; in a very easy way you will connect to the fastest websites. Therefore if you are looking for tool which allows working, studying, writing in any language, Global Translator is the tool you need.


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