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Grammatica Sardo Campidanese

Grammatica Sardo Campidanese

: 2006
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Every geographic zone of Sardinia had a historical evolution with different linguistic influences that characterize still today the different varieties of the Sardinian language. Sounds and musicality are constant.
The Sardinian language is considered the most characteristic of Latin languages; in fact, while the other neo-Latin tongues have been elaborated during the centuries, the Sardinian one in its isolation, preserves the original peculiarity of the original languages - Greek and Latin.
The year 1700 marks the passage of Sardinia from the Spanish dominion to the Piedmonts and in the first half of the century persists a bilingual situation: people speak Sardinian and Spanish. Later people are obliged to use Italian as the official language and simultaneously the use of Latin diminuished. The interest for the Sardinian language continues also in the 18th century while Italian spread all over the country. The real inversion of tendency begins after 1861 with the Italian unity. Meanwhile Italian becomes more and more ufficial. The dialect, however, was still diffused. Sardinian means various dialectal forms excluding the dialects of Alghero, Catalan linguistics ilse, and of Carloforte and Calasetta, Genoan linguistics isle.

The Sardinian language has five main varieties:

- Nuorese
- Gallurese
- Sassarese
- Logudorese
- Campidanese


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