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Download Personal Translator Software (2008)

Download Personal Translator Software (2008)

Personal Translator 2008 Pro English/Chinese MULTiLANGUAGE
ISO | 15x 50 Mb
English - Chinese / 400.000 entries

Personal Translator 2008 Professional is an effective business tool that offers valuable assistance in challenging, regular translation work.

Recommended for the most demanding business environments.

The benefits at a glance:
* Speedy translations with a host of intelligent features
* Updated vocabulary with over one million entries and countless idiomatic expressions
* Seamless integration into MS Office and Adobe Acrobat Reader
* Professional translation memory recalls previously translated sentences

Key features of Personal Translator 2008 Professional

* A sophisticated translation solution
Personal Translator is an intelligent translation package, and boasts a range of sophisticated new features such as SmartAnalyse, SmartCorrect, SmartLookup, and SmartMemory for superior linguistic results and maximum ease of use.

* SmartAnalyse: no sentence too complex
Personal Translator always provides reliable, often perfectly formulated translations, no matter how complicated the text. Thanks to SmartAnalyse, the software can process complex structures such as involved sentences and multiple clauses with no trouble at all.
What’s more, the technology also results in up to 25% faster translations.

* SmartCorrect: more than just a spellchecker
With other programmes, typos and spelling mistakes can easily slip into ********s, leading to translation complications. However, SmartCorrect recognizes that for example “tüxhtig tpipen” actually means “tüchtig tippen”, and automatically corrects it before translation takes place.

SmartLookup: instant vocabulary assistance
Say goodbye to time-consuming, cumbersome dictionaries - looking up vocabulary has never been easier. Simply place the cursor over a word, and SmartLookup’s mouse over function immediately gives you the definition, without a single click.

* SmartMemory: edited sentence archive
Why translate the same sentence twice? PT 2008’s translation memory function offers a practical database of all completed translations. If a previously-translated sentence appears in another text, the system automatically recalls the final version, saving you time and effort.
Though sentences must be very similar for the system to offer a match, the groundbreaking technology contained in SmartMemory offers a host of advantages over comparable systems: the software is able to recognize proper names, locations and dates, and excludes these from the search terms when looking for a match, thus significantly increasing the likelihood of finding a corresponding sentence.
Data is also easily exchanged with TRADOS® and other professional translation memory programmes.

* The new dictionaries: think big
Thousands of ********s from a huge range of areas were analysed when compiling the new dictionaries for PT 2008. As a result, the German-English version alone boasts over one million dictionary entries, a figure other programmes simply cannot compare to.

* Now with Wikipedia!
Direct link to Wikipedia, to research further information concerning the text.

* Sophisticated idiom recognition
Figurative expressions are what give language its colour, though translating them can often prove challenging. Adapting the phrase “alle Hebel in Bewegung setzen” is no straightforward task, as the word “lever” (the standard translation of “Hebel”) has nothing to do with its meaning (”doing everything possible”). However, PT 2008’s dictionaries feature a wide variety of common idioms and expressions, ensuring the system recognizes them instantaneously.

* A word in your ear
SmartLookup literally tells you how complicated words are pronounced, and is even able to read out entire passages of text. The pitch, tone and rhythm of the voice are amazingly realistic, while the German-English version of PT 2008 Professional even offers a choice between British and American English.

Personal Translator PT 2008 Professional is quite simply an indispensable tool for anyone who has to translate large amounts of text.

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