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Download IdiomaX Translation Suite Software

Download IdiomaX Translation Suite Software

IdiomaX Translation Suite v5.0 | 17.90 MB

Intelligent translator with spell checking included. Tools for translating ********s directly from your favorite word processor or Office application. Web page translation. Assistant to translate clipboard content. E-mail translation directly from Outlook Express.

Main Features:

IdiomaX Translation Suite includes the following translation tools:

IdiomaX Translator:
With this intelligent program you can translate whole ********s, not word by word, but analyzing complete sentences. You can also make spell checking, edit your own dictionaries and select text specialties.

IdiomaX Office Translator:
This amazing tool adds a “Translator” menu to your Microsoft Office applications (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage and Access), as well as to WordPerfect and Lotus WordPro. This menu allows you to translate ********s, emails, slides, spreadsheets and database fields directly from those applications.

IdiomaX E-Mail Translator:
This is a unique tool that allows to translate your e-mails directly from Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook.

IdiomaX Web Translator:
A button will be added inside your Internet Explorer browser to translate the active Web page preserving the original format. You can also translate from Netscape Navigator.

IdiomaX Translation Assistant:
You can copy words or phrases from any Windows application and paste them into this program to obtain a quick translation..

The application includes translation from the following language pairs:
English -> Spanish & Spanish -> English
English -> Italian & Italian -> English
English -> French & French -> English
Italian -> Spanish & Spanish -> Italian
Italian -> French & French -> Italian
Italian -> German & German -> Italian

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