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Size: 170 Mb

PC Translator Helps You to Read, Write and Translate Letters, E-mails and Web Pages to/from Slovak, English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish Language.

* New revised interface for even easier handling
* Formatting is preserved
* Untranslated words are displayed in colour
* Web Translator as plug-in for Internet Explorer 5 and higher translates web pages on-the-fly into Czech (not available for Slovak)
* Clipboard converter avoids conversion errors between different code pages
* Display: One line - one meaning
* Contains most commonly used inflections, idioms and collocations
* Automatic dictionary reversal
* Extensive specialized dictionaries: Automobile, Biology, Chemistry, Transport, Physics, Technical, Computer, Electronics, Traffic, Medicine, Geology, Law, Business, Agriculture, Military, Zoology
* Multiple user dictionaries
* Text-to-speech function for English (uses external TTS engine)
* Entries of up to 240 characters per language guarantee accurate translation of idioms and whole sentences
* Keyboard layout changes automatically according to the active language
* 32-bit application supports .DOC format (Word 6.0), RTF format (any MS Word version)
* Windows XP enabled

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